Milis Panagiotis

Head of Operations & Development Director, DK Consultants

Mr. Panagiotis Milis has excellent analytical skills and proven ability in the development of innovative strategies by taking business decisions in real time. He has graduated from the Economic University of Athens (ASSOE) with specialization in Marketing and has gained deep knowledge in the computer science as well. Over the years he has achieved measurable results in complex projects, by developing innovative business tools and applications.

During his career he has worked in senior and top management positions in Greece and abroad, by implementing totally successful penetration and positioning strategies that have led to high market shares for the companies he worked for.

As an expert in Marketing and computer science he is in the process of developing the evolution of the theory of Marketing from the 4Ps to the 4Is (Imagination, Innovation, Integration, Inner Play, IT).

As the Head of a small group, he managed to place his team at two top positions in the list of the 10 best paid apps of all time in the Greek Apple App Store. He is married with 2 children. He works at DK Consultants, as the Head of Operations & Development Director.