Lois Labrianidis

Professor, Secretary General for Strategic and Private Investments, Ministry of Economy & Development

Lois Labrianidis is Secretary General for Strategic and Private Investments Greek Ministry of Economy & Development and Professor in the Department of Economics, University of Macedonia Greece and Head of the Regional Development and Planning Research Unit.  He is an economic geographer (BA – Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, MA -Sussex, Ph.D. -LSE). His scholarly publications include 12 books: (1993) Provincial universities in Greece;  (2001) Albanian immigrants in Thessaloniki (co-authored);  (2001) Economic geography;  (2004) (editor) The future of Europe’s Rural Periphery (in English); (2008) (editor) The Moving Frontier: The Changing Geography of Production in Labour Intensive Industries (in English);  (2008) (co-editor)  (co-editor) Cities on the Verge: Thessaloniki in a Process of Change.  (2011) Investing in leaving: The Greek case of international migration of professionals and (2016) (co-editor) Spatial Development and Human capabilities.