Economou Spyridon

Councelor For Economic and Trade Diplomatic Affairs

Spyridon Economou , is an expert in «Economic Diplomacy and International Economic Law” as well as in “Public Policy and Export Marketing” , with particular interest in  the issues of “World Governance”. He  is serving at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as “Councelor For Economic and Trade Diplomatic Affairs”. His professional experience in the Public Sector concerns the Supreme Audit Court , the Greek Tourism Organization, the Hellenic Postbank, the Depositary and Loan Fund and  the General Secretariat for International Economic Relations of the Ministry of National Economy. He has served at Tokyo, Tirana and Shanghai, as well as, at the  B3 and B4 Directorates of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the private sector he was specialized in Fantom J79 /J78 engines and ATAR (Mirage F1) (1984) at Hellenic Aerospace Industry and has worked as an Energy Engineer at Heliodynami Ltd (1994). After graduating the “School of Economics” of the University of Athens, he worked as  financial analyst at Greek Financial Company of the Stock Exchange of Athens and  as an economist in hotel management (ETAP). He  was one of the first 30 Economics graduates selected to be trained in “Export Marketing” at the “Institute for Export Studies” of  The Hellenic Organization foe Exports (one academic year postgraduate diploma) (1987) at a time when the Marketing Departments in Greek Universities were not yet established, and worked for a short time in Procter & Gamble Hellas (1988). In addition to his professional experience, he has a wide range of knowledge and academic training. He is graduate in Economics at the University of Athens, a law graduate of the Athens Law School, as well as  a graduate of the “Technological Engineers” Department of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. He has completed postgraduate studies (LLM) with a scholarship,  in the field of “International Economic Law” at the Warwick Law School in the United Kingdom (1999) (the first European program in this field), as well as in “Public Policy”, with distinction,  in the relevant two-year  Master Programme  of the “Department of Political Science” of the University of Athens. In addition, he has attended the two-year Master’s program in “Political Communication” at the “Communication and Media Department” of the University of Athens and was a postgraduate student of  the National Scholarship Foundation (IKY ) at the University of Cambridge, in the subject of “Economic Theory”  with an emphasis on game theory (1990). As far as  his professional education is concerned, he is a graduate of both the “Public Administration and Public Policy” Division of the National School of Public Administration and the “Economic Diplomacy” Division of the same School. Besides the subjects of “Public Administration” and “Economic Diplomacy”, his professional training, is also in the fields of “Export Marketing” (Institute for Export Studies), “Competition Law”, (Downing College, Cambridge, UK), “International Banking and Finance”  (Debate / Lecteur Associates LTD), “Statistics & Econometrics -Monetary Unit Sampling-MUS” (Economic University of Athens and TEI of Piraeus), “Computer Systems Security in Supreme Court For Audit” (later published in a scientific journal). In addition, he participates on a regular basis in the seminars, conferences and executive programs in the subject of “Global Governance” by  the “Academy for Global Governance” of the European University Institute in Florence, in particular in the modules, “WTO-Dispute Settlement System”,  «Standard-Setting In International Trade»and “Economics of Multilevel Governance in an International Context”. During his professional life, he has participated in many World-class events, such as the “3d Water Forum” (Kyoto Japan), the 1st and 2nd Science and Technology Forums (STS Forum) in Japan, the “Aichi World EXPO 2005 ” etc , while he has represented the country, having received the relevant Mandate, at “ITTO General Assemply 2007” in Yokohoma, at an OECD working group on freight transport and at the three-day USAID-Albania Tourism Coordination Committee. In addition, he has  participated in a number of working groups, negotiation teams, conferences and forums at both regional and global level. Mr. Economou  has published in Greece and Japan, as well as in a scientific journal in Greece. He is a member of the American Society of International Law (ASIL), the European Union of Law and Economics (EALE), the Association of Technological Engineers, etc.