Dr. Dimitris Bakolas

President of Hellenic-Russian Chamber of Commerce President, European Profiles S. A. & PhD in General and Computational Linguistics from the University of Kiev

He was working with European Standardization Office (CEN/CENELEC).

In 1990 created and was till 1995 the director of the Information Technology Institute of the Greek Productivity Centre, which became  the biggest Vocational Training and consulting Institution of the IT sector in Greece.

Since 1996 President and CEO of the European Profiles S.A.

Member of different EU experts groups, member of committees for bilateral cooperation of the Greek Government (1990 – 1995). Advisor to Governmental bodies of Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Russia, Egypt, and Botswana. Project Manager of variety of EU MEDA, EDF and World Bank projects in the field of SMEs, Education and Vocational Education, institutional support, Social Assistance, Human Resources Development and Information Technology. Extensive working experience in Central/Eastern European, Mediterranean, Arab & African countries.

Author of numerous articles, studies and books in Russian, English, Greek and Ukrainian. Fluent in English and Russian, knowledge of French, German, Polish and Ukrainian.

In March 2017 he was elected President of the Hellenic-Russian Chamber of Commerce.