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Members of the aforementioned Union are the employees of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs which belong to the Economic and Commercial Affairs  branch, better known as the economic diplomats of our country.

Our members, while abroad, serve as Heads of the Foreign Trade Offices, which are integral parts of our Embassies. Additionally, our members serve also in the Permanent Missions of Greece in the EU (Brussels) and the United Nations (Geneva). When they are positioned in n Greece, our members serve at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, particularly in the Directorates of the General Secretariat for International Economic Relations and Development of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Office of Northern Greece, in Thessaloniki.

The Economic and Trade Affairs sector has a long tradition, which historically can be traced back to 1937, when an envoy of the Greek government specialized in commercial affairs was appointed in Berlin. In 1947 the position of Commercial Counselors was established in our major embassies.

Economic and Trade Affairs executives are graduates from the National Public Administration Schools two-year programme for Economic and Trade Relations Personnel. Upon completion of the programme they are appointed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece. Currently, there are 144 economic diplomats in active duty.

Their careers run as follows: Economic and Trade Affairs Attaché, Economic and Trade Affairs , Third, Second and First Secretary, Second and First Economic and Trade Affairs Counsellor, Second and First Economic and Trade Affairs Counsellor General.

Their duties are determined by the Foreign Ministrys responsibilities with regard to the promotion of our countrys economic relations and the support of business activity.

The inter-ministerial and coordinating nature of the Foreign Trade Offices, as it has emerged through the relevant legislation, makes them a valuable partner of the entire public administration of our country and mainly of the revenue -oriented Ministries (Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Rural Development, etc.) abroad.

The continuous and systematic communication and collaboration of the Foreign Trade Offices along with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry Associations of our country create and cultivate the necessary ground for the development of a spirit of extroversion in the Greek economy.

The network of Foreign Trade Offices is currently active in 55 locations abroad, acting essentially as the spearhead of our country in supporting and strengthening the Greek economy’s outward orientation, placing Greek products and services on foreign markets and attracting foreign investments

Our offices are involved in the preparation and conduction of negotiations on bilateral economic agreements, providing local specialized information. Furthermore, one of our key functions is supporting business missions while visiting foreign markets.

At a multilateral level, Economic and Trade Affairs executives handle financial portfolios  in the European Union and in global and regional International Organizations (WTO, IMF, BSEC, etc.), generally exercising that special part of foreign policy called Economic Diplomacy.



ETHOS EVENTS is involved in the planning and organization of conferences, entrepreneurship award ceremonies and innovative events related to the market sectors covered by ETHOS MEDIA S.A. printed and electronic publications.

The company aims to offer to the chief executives who work in Greece high quality information and know-how, which are indispensable tools for business growth and professional success.

Our business events are focused on the sectors of exports, pharmaceuticals, clinical research, marketing, corporate social responsibility, investments, insurance, banking, technology etc.

ETHOS MEDIA S.A. is also involved in the sector of business magazines and newspapers publishing as well as creation of electronic portals, websites and newsletters.

More specifically, ETHOS MEDIA S.A. publishes: HRIMA magazine on investments and finance, Ph.B Pharma & Health Business magazine on health care and pharmaceuticals policies, the insurance magazine Insurance World and the free press newspaper aλive.

On the Internet ETHOS MEDIA S.A. has created the insurance portal insuranceworld.gr and the portal virus.com.gr on health care and pharmaceuticals policies. It also publishes the weekly electronic newspaper HRIMA Week. 

ETHOS EVENTS commits to:

  • Promoting the conference through its magazines B Pharma & Health Business, HRIMA and Insurance World, its online newspaper HRIMA Week, the portals virus.com.gr and insuranceworld.gr, as well as the media sponsors of the Conference.
  • Sending informative newsletters with the sponsor companies’ promotional material to all Greek entrepreneurs and businesses included in its extensive database.
  • Sending electronic invitations to the guests of the sponsor companies.
  • Creating a list of participants/ guests to manage and confirm attendance of the Conference.